Adjustable Motor Bases
  Standard Styles for NEMA Mounting Dimensions

Style A...

These bases are intended primarily for smaller motors ranging from large fractionals to approximately 20 horsepower. They feature a one piece formed base plate and the Overly Hautz originated single bolt adjustment with push-pull action.

Style A bases are manufactured in over 26 different sizes to fit NEMA small motor frame designations from 48 through 2113AT.

Style B... & Style B2...

Style B... These bases are among the most popular fabricated metal styles ever designed by Overly Hautz. Each one features substantial "Z" bar construction, continuously welded into one rigid part. They have proved to be ideally suited to the vast number of motor applications in the 10 to 100 horsepower range. Over 46 different sizes are manufactured to fit mid-size to large horsepower motors carrying NEMA frame designations 253 through 449. The basic Style B features single bolt adjustment with push-pull action.

Style B2... bases are identical with the standard style B in all respects except for adjustment. Dual positioning screws allow greater flexibility in shaft alignment.

Style C...

Style C... Overly Hautz Style C motor bases feature reinforced construction for remove applications utilizing motors from 75 to over 200 horsepower. They incorporate special gussets and cross braces together with heavier materials which provide superior strength characteristics necessary to handle motors in the 3000 to 7000 pound weight class. Over 20 different sizes are manufactured to accommodate motor frames 503 through 689 and beyond.

  Special Types

Type 1-B...

Type 1-B... Special Overly Hautz base, initially designed for the textile industry, allows ease of cleaning under motor. Other features include lower overall height and motor adjustment without loosening mounting studs. Designs available for NEMA motor frames 250 to 400, generally in the 10 to 75 horsepower category.

Type 2-B...

Type 2-B... This Overly Hautz special base, initially designed for variable speed power transmission drives, features a movable plate to carry the motor and tapped holes for hold down bolts, which eliminate lifting motor over studs. Designed for NEMA motor frame sizes for 180 to 360, 5 to 75 horsepower.

Type 3-B...

Type 3-B... Similar to Style A, with reduction overall height, no protruding studs, and dual push-pull adjustment; however, mounting bolts must be loosened during adjustment. Generally applicable for motor frame sizes from 56 to 215, 1/2 to 20 horsepower.

Type 4-B...

Type 4-B... A heavy-duty base, specially designed by Overly Hautz for applications requiring ease of motor adjustment without loosening motor mounting bolts. Widely applied in the 5 to 75 horsepower class, NEMA frame size 180 to 360.

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