Standard Duty Roto-Phase l

This unit is the recognized leader and standard of quality, performance, dependability, and economy since 1964. All rotary and static phase converters are usually graded, as a matter of custom, against the standard duty Roto-Phase I because of its leadership and reputation. Roto-Phase I is a general-purpose multi-motor generating system, operating a number of three phase motors having "moderate" starting torque. Where the largest single three-phase motor operated equals the Largest HP rating of the Roto-Phase, all additional three-phase motors operated should be at a lesser horsepower.

Heavy Duty Roto-Phase ll

This unit has a greater capacity than any rotary converter made. The reason for the larger horsepower capacity of this unit is due to the increase in physical size. The heavy duty converters are substantially larger in comparison than our competitor's units which are listed at a heavy duty rating. This allows the converter to capability of starting motors that are "hard starting" or operating more three phase motor load.

Light Duty Roto-Phase lll

The Light Duty series converter is designed for "one" single three-phase motor, which is easy starting and ran under a light load condition. This unit delivers 100% of the three phase motor horsepower, and it is comparable to our competitor's general duty and sometimes heavy duty rated units.

Center Pivot Roto-Phase

The Center Pivot series Roto-Phase is designed for 460 Volt single phase to three phase irrigation equipment. The Center Pivot converter sizing is based upon 50% to 60% starting load of the total horsepower load of the tower motors on a full circle system without auto-reverse capability. On systems with auto-reverse capability, the largest motor rating for starting load of the Roto-Phase must be equal to the total horsepower amount of the tower motors. All PV series converters are standard TEFC enclosure rated, and they also have many options available upon request such as a built-in fuse disconnect switch, surge arrestor, and magnetic contactor with overload protection.

CNC Roto-Phase

The CNC series converter was developed in the early 1980's when CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment began to flood the machinery market. Most standard or heavy duty converters are not capable of providing the variable speed drive motors on the three-phase equipment with the stable "phase-to-phase" voltage supply required to operate this type of machinery. The CNC series converter is able to provide a stable voltage condition, which is between 1% to 2% on the phase to phase unbalanced voltage condition, under all load situations on the three phase equipment. Unlike our competitors who use transformers or capacitor switching via manual switches and contactors, the CNC series converter does not depend upon these devices that pose a maintenance concern.

HDH Roto-Phase

The ARCO "HDH" Series Roto-Phase is designed for hoist and trolley applications. The "HDH" Roto-Phase converters have been engineered to operate hoist and trolley motors at 100% of their nameplate rated horsepower. Just like all the ARCO Roto-Phase converters, this series of converter models offers superior workmanship that meets or exceeds the industry's highest standards. The units are compact, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free. In order to size the correct model, simply match the horsepower of the hoist motor to the horsepower rating of the converter model.

  Automatic Roto-Phase

This series of rotary phase converter is capable of operating an unmanned simplex, duplex, or triplex pumping station. It incorporates a built-in magnetic contactor, time-delay relay, and overload protection that is capable of interfacing with the pump control panel in order to automatically start the converter before the pump equipment is energized. The automatic controls of the Roto-Phase converter work well with a float switch or pressure switch activated pump system.

SP Series Roto-Phase

This SP Series Roto-Phase has been designed to provide desired amperes and voltages for submersible pump applications. The design is based on information and performance data established through exhaustive testing using a submersible pump manufactured by Franklin Electric, Bluffton, Indiana. The SP Series uses no tapped windings or capacitor adjustments and is simple to install. The SP Series Roto-Phase is available with automatic controls.

  Current Limiting

The "CL" Series converter reduces starting current on the Roto-Phase converter in applications where inrush current on the single-phase service may exceed the restrictions placed by the utility company on their line system. This feature reduces the Roto-Phase converter's starting current by 75% and provides the unit with a smooth acceleration to full speed without putting a strain on the utility's power lines. The current-limiting feature is available on any of the Roto-Phase models.

ELV Series Roto-Phase

The ARCO ELV Series Roto-Phase is designed for freight and passenger elevators. This Roto-Phase incorporates (HOA) Hands/OFF/Automatic selector switch, timers and controls to integrate with the elevator controls.

Automatic mode operation requires a signal to be sent from the elevator call button to start the Roto-Phase. After a 2 to 3 second delay, a timer from the Roto-Phase panel sends a signal to the elevator controls for energizing the elevator motor. When the Roto-Phase is energized, a 0-60 minute timer is activated. This timer signals the Roto-Phase to shut off at the designated present time. If the elevator is called for during this preset time, the timer will reset, preventing the Roto-Phase from turning off during use.

TM Series Roto-Phase

The TM Series Roto-Phase converter is engineered to operate 3-phase radio and television equipment from a single-phase power supply. If the availability of three-phase power does not exist or it is not economically feasible, then the TM Series Roto-Phase could be the solution to your problem. Models are available in 208 Volt or 230 Volt and also 460 Volt. TM Series Roto-Phase converters are manufactured to handle transmitter equipment from 1 KW to 5OKW. *Roto-Phase converters are available for larger transmitter systems.

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